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Tools And Equipment

Blacksmith Supplies has been selling blacksmith equipment  in Australia for over 10 years. We know that you’re serious about your needs, so we source and thoroughly test the highest quality products from around the world. From cast steel anvils, tongs, hammers, punches, blowers and more. We would never sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.

Buying Your Blacksmith Supplies

We know you don’t want to waste time, so we’ve made our website as easy to use as possible. You can browse by section or category. Or you can search by keyword. You’ll find detailed product descriptions and up-to-date stock count for easy ordering. If you don’t find what you need, give us a call or drop us an email. We’ll do our best to find the right product, whatever you need!


Blacksmith Supplies is Expert at Blacksmith Equipment and Tools

No one in Australia values the artistry of blacksmiths more than Blacksmith Supplies. We source the finest new and used tools and equipment that every blacksmith can appreciate. Experienced professionals to new amateurs can find everything they need here with us. Our range of anvils, forges, forge blowers, vices, dog spikes and horseshoes are not only affordable, but are also top quality. And if somehow, we missed something and you can’t find it online or in our store, let us know! We’ll do our best to find what you need, at no extra cost.

Freight calculations

Currently, we only ship within Australia. Freight is calculated by your Australian postal code. Or you can choose to pick up your order if you’re in the neighbourhood!

Post   –   Freight is calculated by your Australian postal code

Pick-up – For large and heavy items freight can be arranged or picked up

Proudly Australian and Fully Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Blacksmith Supplies is 100% Australian. We are family run and take pride in knowing what our customers want. Around the corner or across the continent, Blacksmith Supplies will provide fast, reliable service. Our magnetic products and blacksmith tools and supplies attract customers from every location, covering every industry, and with a wide range of needs.

Your custom is important to us, and so is your privacy. We will not store your credit card details or share your personal information to third parties. If you are still concerned about ordering online, we happily accept telephone orders. Or you can stop by our store (yes, we have an actual store with shelves!).

And if you have any questions regarding your order or need any information about any of our products, let us know! Contact us and one of our expert sales team will do their best to help you right away. Just remember, we are a family company, so we do have office hours. Monday to Friday from 8.30am.

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We think blacksmiths are fascinating. And we hope you do too! So, have a browse through our blog and discover the depth of our fascination. Who knows, you may learn something new!

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