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The Blacksmith Punch – If someone came up to you and said “I got a punch from a blacksmith” your first response probably wouldn’t be “that’s great!” However, for a blacksmith a “punch” isn’t just physical aggression it’s a helpful tool in the blacksmithing process. Let’s learn a little more today about the different kinds of blacksmith punches and their purpose.

What is a Blacksmith Punch?

A Blacksmith Punch is a small tool with a pointed or feathered tip at the end. They can be used on hot or cold metal and are used to mark metal before heating to provide a guide mark for when blacksmiths are working.

What Does a Punch Do?

Before electrical drills were available, punches were used manually as a drill would be. However, even now punches are used in the modern blacksmithing world. Often used as we said above as a guide mark, which in turn helps the drill from skipping. A punch is a small tool but has great importance in the world of blacksmithing and is something every blacksmith should have an array of in their supply collection.

Taking a Blacksmith Punch! - Sekao

Different kinds of Punch Tools.

At Sekao, we have many kinds of punches available for purchase. Let’s go over the different sizes and shapes of punches we have at our disposal for you.

  1. Blacksmith Fullering Punch- This fuller tool has a rounded tip that’s long in nature. This tool is helpful for shaping metal. The rounded nature of the tool works better to flatten and shape metal than a traditional hammer flat top. Our fullering punch is made to withstand the test of time and get the job done.
  2. Blacksmith Long Round Punch- This tool is great for making guide marks on your project because of the long- pointed tip that’s round at the top, slightly resembling a drill bit. It can also be used to punch holes into a project or make a hole for the eye of an axe or a tool of similar nature. This is a simple punch but one of the most necessary and used ones in your blacksmithing supplies collection.
  3. Blacksmith Short Round Punch- This punch is similar to the long round punch but shorter and thinker at the end. This can give a larger hole in your tools and a larger eye in the diameter of the punch. Another versatile punch that’s great to have in your blacksmithing supplies collection.
  4. Blacksmith Long Square Punch- This tool combines the length and skinny head of the long round punch with the flat smoothing nature of the fullering punch. This makes the long square punch a great versatile tool in your blacksmithing collection. You can also use any of these poles, especially this distinctive square punch as stamp for your products.


You can now see how punches are an essential tool in your collection of blacksmithing supplies. Varying in size and shape, there’s a punch for every use you need at Sekao.