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We just love to help people. And we love nothing more than helping people that are looking for a Modern Day blacksmith set-up.

You can get everything you need from us here, online at The main tools you’ll need to get started are a forge, an anvil, a vice, hammers, and tongs. One of the great things about Blacksmith Supplies is that you can make many of the tools yourself, as you go.


One of our biggest sellers here at are our range of quality Anvils. Our Anvils range from 10kg to 200kg, all quality cast steel anvils that will sure to last you a long time. A good cast steel Anvil is one of the most essential tools for a blacksmith. Forging anvils are also known as blacksmiths or general shop anvils.

They differ from farrier’s anvils in that there is more mass in the body directly under the face. However, they typically have less distributed in the horn and heel. Due to the prevalence of horse drawn transportation in the early part of the 20th century most popular anvils were a combination of farrier’s and forging anvil.

The Cast Steel Anvils that Sekao Engineering stock are designed for heavy forging. And have all the standard features of a blacksmiths anvil.

Anvil from Blacksmith supplies


The forge is not something we stock at Sekao Engineering, but we can fabricate one for you in our workshop to our design or yours. The forge of course, is what you’ll use to heat the metal that you’re working. It consists of a fire pot, to hold the fire, a work surface, and a blower. It consists of a firepot, to hold the fire, a work surface, and a blower.

The fire pot should be about 100 to 125mm deep. The forge I use is made of fabricated steel but they can be made from old drum brakes, wheels or gas bottles. That is one good thing about blacksmithing you can make things from whatever you have lying around or get form the scrap metal yard. We linked a Video in this blog about building a forge

The Blower

There comes a time in every blacksmiths life when they just needs an ample air supply for the blacksmith forge. They don’t just need that air from any old blower. They need air with style. And that is what you get from these wonderful vintage style blowers.

The Priti air blower comes complete with ground steel worm gear and cast iron gear mechanism for long use. As well as, oil ports that offer maintenance access and ease of cleaning. Made with an aluminum construction and a 1 1/4” BSP outlet. It’s hard to believe that they only weigh 9kg.

Blacksmith supplies forge blower


You can start with a basic ball pein or a cross pein hammer. You can usually find these at local hardware stores. You can also order various types of blacksmith hammers from us here. Once you develop some skill with blacksmithing, you’ll be able to make your own hammers.

Hammers an essential Blacksmith Supplies


In the Modern Day Blacksmith Set-up, there are two main types of vices, the post vice and the machinist’s vice. A post vice is the blacksmith’s vice. It is designed to stand up to the hammering. Machinist vices, particularly the smaller ones, can be damaged from the repeated hammer blows.

The place to look for post vices is farm auctions and estate sales. If you’re not able to get a post vice, you can start with a machinist’s vice. It’s best to get a larger vice that will stand up to the hammering well, and you’ll need to fit it with smooth jaws so that it won’t mar the workpieces.

Blacksmith Supplies Vice


Over time, you’ll need many different tongs, one or two for each thickness of metal that you work with.

Having tongs that are the right size for your materials makes it much easier to keep a good grip on your metal and improves the quality of your work. But for starters, you only need about 1-2 pairs, which you can buy from Blacksmith Supplies, here. After you’ve gained some experience blacksmithing, you’ll be able to make your own tongs.

Other Tools

For the Modern Day Blacksmith Set-up, you’ll also use drifts, slitters, center punches, twisting tools, and chisels. These are all tools that you will be able to make yourself as you develop your skills.Tools made by the blacksmith: hardie cutoff, cold chisel, center punch, and set hotcut

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Sekao Engineering is an Australian-owned and operated company selling Magnets and Blacksmith Supplies in Brisbane. Sekao Engineering have been selling magnets, magnetic products and Blacksmith Supplies for over 24 years.

Sekao Engineering sources the highest quality Magnets and Blacksmith Supplies from around the world. For the Modern Day Blacksmith Set-up, we only sell products that we would use ourselves and can recommend after a thorough testing period at our workshop here in Australia.

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