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Is the Blacksmith Hammer‘s art of hammering lost? For those of you who know me, you know I am in my 70’s. Still strong, still lively and active. This is all thanks to my hard labor life, at least I think so.

These days though in the technological era we live in, I get to watch a lot of YouTube. Not something I ever thought I would be discussing. However, I have watched many people blacksmithing on YouTube and I have noticed one peculiar thing. The people I watch, most don’t seem to know how to hold a hammer properly! And, subsequently, use it to its full potential.

A Proud Aussie

As you know, I am a proud Aussie. My grandfather migrated from the UK to Australia in 1922 after serving as a submariner in the Royal Navy during WW1. His trade after the Navy was a cabinet maker, but he worked in Australia as a carpenter building houses.

This, of course, was back in the day before power tools were a thing. And certainly, before nail guns. So, he spent all days driving 3-inch nails into the hardwood. He had arms like solid rock, I seem to recall. I spent a great deal of time with my grandfather growing up.

He would teach me how to make things from just bits of left-over wood. But one of the things he taught me was, how to use a hammer. I remember the lesson distinctly if I held the handle too close to the head he would say “you’re choking the hammer, why do you think the handle is that long?”. He knew what he was talking about.

How to use a Blacksmith hammer properly
Using the Hammer Correctly

Its How You Hold It That Matters!

You see, holding the handle too close to the head means your wrist, arm, and shoulder have to do the work. The outcome will be that in order to drive the nail, you would need a heavier hammer. It’s counterproductive when you are needing to put force on to an object. Holding the handle at the end, the Blacksmith hammer does the work with less effort on your part and you can use a lighter hammer to accomplish the same result. Which when you think about it, it makes perfect logical sense.

As I went on to my own career as a Boilermaker, since 1963. And even now as I have become a grandfather myself. Its advice like that I have tried to pass on, to my sons and my grandchildren. I most certainly haven’t forgotten the advice that my grandfather taught me.

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