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Finding such quality

When decided that they would start to sell Anvils. Alan needed to decide what anvils he was going to sell. Alan has always preferred the anvils that have been cast, then surface ground & hardened and then tested for hardness. Finding such quality amongst the myriad of cheap stuff out there was difficult in today’s market place. Anvils and other blacksmith equipment

Never sacrifice quality on your anvil

When it comes to blacksmithing, in some areas, you can skimp on the quality of your equipment. You can make your own tongs for example or a forge can be a satellite dish and a blow dryer. But you should never look to sacrifice quality on your anvil and your hammer. Doing so will cause you countless hours of frustration and reworking of mistakes.

Getting our Anvils made

Alan did his very best to search high and low, across land and sea to find the very best anvils he could. In the end, he had to get them made to order. Good quality is hard to come by, so this was the only real option. Good strong cast Steel anvils Manufactured to a surface hardness rating HRC 58.  Which gives a good solid rebound, needed to be made. Alan finally found a great place to get them cast using the quality of steel required.

Then of course they need to be surfaced ground to create the level and smoothness that’s needed for the tough, yet precise work that these anvils will be used for.

When you strike your hot metal on the face of an anvil. The last thing you want is the imprint from an anvil that doesn’t have that smooth ground surface, on your newly created project. You want a face that is as smooth as possible, and is also as flat and level as possible. And that is what Alan has created here.

Testing for hardness

Keep in mind that your anvil is the counter-blow to your hammer strokes. Every blow you strike with your hammer, the anvil is going to counter the same level of force on a flat surface on the other side. You need to make sure your anvil will give you the rebound you need when creating your project.

A good anvil will have 90% or greater rebound in them, the cast steel anvils that Alan has had made for you, have a 93% rebound. They have been extensively tested for hardness, both by the manufacturer and Alan himself. Alan uses the equipment he sells, he isn’t just a shop keeper!

To test an anvil’s rebound which is a function of the face hardness:

Alan welcomes you to his shop and you can test the rebound and hardness for yourself. Here is how; Hold a 3lb or less, ball peen or smithing hammer, handle parallel to the face, over the center of the anvil with both hands, the tips of the fingers acting like pivots at the end of the handle the other hand supporting the head.

Use the flat face of the hammers not the peen! About 8 to 10 inches height will do. THEN Drop the head and observe how far the hammer rebounds. It should rebound about 1/3 the height dropped, then 1/3 of that and so on.


DO NOT BUY CAST IRON. This might seem like a great idea at the time, but it will be way too soft. It isn’t going to give you the rebound or strength you need. Don’t waste your money. If you are unsure, do the same test as above. With a cast iron anvil, the rebound will be 1/10 or lower!

Blacksmith Supplies range and used hand tools

Sekao Enginering’s Blacksmith Supplies range offers new and used hand tools and equipment for blacksmiths or hobbyists who enjoy making steel products by hand. In addition, our range of anvils, forges, forge blowers, vices, dog spikes and horse shoes are cost effective and above all else, top quality.

Our Online Shop

As has been mentioned, our online magnets shop is Secure and safe, covered by rigorous internet security while passing direct to PayPal. Providing complete peace of mind when shopping with us. Furthermore, we do not store any of your credit card details and we do not use or share any of your personal information (except to provide you with updates of your order). For note, although you can buy our magnets online, we also accept telephone orders.

Finally, we do appreciate the limitations of a website; you may want to ask questions or view the product more closely. Therefore, we ensure it is extremely easy for anyone to make direct contact with us either by telephone or e-mail. In conclusion, we believe in talking to our customers.

Dedicated Sales and Service

This is why, we have a dedicated and expert sales team who are available Monday to Friday from 8.30am.So whatever you Magnets and Blacksmith Supplies requirement, Sekao is here to help. You can catch us at our showroom in Geebung Brisbane, or just give us a call.Anvilstongshammerhammer

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