5 Ways Neodymium Magnets Can Help in Keeping The Workshop Tidy

5 Ways Neodymium Magnets Can Help in Keeping The Workshop Tidy

Keeping the Workshop Tidy

Ever looked around your workshop and thought that it looks like the Taliban had been around and done a job on you? If your workshop is anything like mine, then you would want to know a few tricks, that would help Keeping the Workshop Tidy.

You probably already use magnets at home. To stick invitations, important reminders, memorable photographs, or other notifications to your refrigerator. However, you can use Neodymium Magnets for a variety of purposes throughout your home and workshop beyond just putting up your kids’ latest masterpiece. In fact, for hundreds of years, they have been helping to solve a multitude of frustrating problems. So next time you’re trying to keep the place from looking like someone just threw a hand grenade, give a thought to the humble Neodymium Magnet and how it could help solve the issue.

Keeping the Workshop Tidy Tips that can help Using Neodymium Magnets
Neodymium Block Magnet

Here are just some of the useful ways you can improve your life with magnets and help Keep your Workshop Tidy:

1. Secure a rubbish bag

  1. It’s common for bin liners to sink, snag and move out of place, causing rubbish to get left in the bin or strewn across the floor. As long as the bin is made of magnetic metal, you can make sure it stays firmly in place by affixing Strip Magnets around the top edges.
Keeping the Workshop Tidy Tips that can help Using Neodymium Magnets

2. Clean up Easy and Keeping the Workshop Tidy

  • – Spilt some Nails or Screws across the workshop? No worries – you don’t have to bend over or get on all fours to pick them up. Or pricking your fingers. Simply hover a magnet over the floor or surface where the pins, tacks or other objects have fallen to pick them up. Get a swarf attractor to make life easier!

3. Keeping the workshop tidy, keep the door shut!

  • – Do you have a dodgy door? One that feels too light and you end up slamming it shut because you don’t know your own strength? Or maybe it just won’t stay closed, or even a draw that every time you walk past it you have to push it to shut? No worries a solution is at hand in the form of a well-placed Neodymium block magnet. Attach a block magnet to the inside panel that the door or drawer rests against with double-sided tape. Then attach another one to the door or drawer itself. The most important thing is that the two magnets are lined up properly. As long as they connect, the door or drawer will stay closed now. This should go along way to Keeping the Workshop Tidy
Keeping the Workshop Tidy Tips that can help Using Neodymium Magnets
Magnetic Tool Holder

4. Display your Tools

  • Instead of a costly knife holder, try using bar magnets to display them on your wall in a way that’s appealing to the eyes. Or make it an invisible tool holder. An alternative is to drill a series of holes in the back of a wooden board, insert disc magnets into the holes, mount the wood on a wall and you’ll be able to hang all of your favorite tools onto it.

5.Organize your desk

  • – Keep your desk or workbench under control. Screws, Nails, and paper clips can cause a mess of your desk and or workbench. Keep a magnet inside your drawer, on the desk as a paperweight and you can ensure they stay in one place.
Keeping the Workshop Tidy Tips that can help Using Neodymium Magnets
Neodymium Disk Magnets Can Be Used For Loads Of Stuff

6. Bonus Round! Keep cords under control 

  • – Managing a multitude of cords can be a hassle, but magnets provide a method for keeping them organized. Unwind a metal paperclip or take the metal spring from a ballpoint pen and wrap it around a cord. Attaching a small strong magnet to the back of your desk will hold the spring – as well as the wire – in place. So that is it, 5 ways Neodymium Magnets can help Keeping the Workshop Tidy.

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