Alnico Magnets Brisbane.

At Sekao Engineering, we know that “magnet” means more than one item. Besides sizes and shapes, there’s also composition to consider. This is why Sekao stocks a full range of magnets, including ferromagnetic alnico magnets. Unlike rare earth magnets, these are an alloy of aluminium, nickel, and cobalt. Hence the name Al-Ni-Co.

Sekao has alnico permanent magnets

Before rare-earth magnets, alnico magnets were the strongest available. They are still very useful because they have strong magnetic fields and are very resistant to demagnetization. And they are still strongest among the non-rare earth magnets. Another advantage of using alnico magnets is temperatures. Alnico magnets maintain their magnetism even extremely high heat. So even though they are very stable, they tend to be quite brittle.

Alnico magnets have many industrial and consumer applications. Pretty much anywhere you would need strong permanent magnets, you can use alnico magnets. This includes electric motors, microphones, loudspeakers, sensors, and magnetron tubes. While you could use rare earth magnets, you could also use alnico, depending on what you need.

If you’re not sure what is the best magnet for your project, just ask us! Whether online, by phone, or in person, our team will do our best to help you! We want to make sure that you pick the right magnet for your application. We can help on any size project, from DIY hobby set-ups to large corporate or research endeavours.

Sekao offers convenient buying and delivery

Rods or blocks, 40 mm to 100 mm – we’ve got a full range of alnico magnets. Need something special? Just ask! We offer flat rate deliveries, no minimum, and a discount for bulk orders. You’ll find our prices competitive and our expertise second to none! So, no matter how you shop with us, you’ll get the best deal.

Ordering online is easy, but you can also call or come to the store. We’re easy to find on the web and in Brisbane!