Alnico Block Magnets

Alnico block magnets have pretty much been taken over by modern day ceramic and rare earth magnets. But they are far superior in many way still to the modern day successors. Namely, applications involving high operating temperatures. So therefore, space flight is certainly one use they outperform. However, I am sure that wasn’t Tokushichi Mishima’s intention when he invented them in 1931.

The inventor of Alnico Block Magnets

Tokushichi Mishima was a Japanese engineer, inventor and metallurgist. Born in 1893 in Tusuna Japan. His invention of MKM Steel. This, led him to the discovery that aluminum restored magnetism to non-magnetic nickel steel. MKM Steel quickly became the go to product. As it was extremely inexpensive and a very reliable magnetic substance. It was used to great success around the world and has been used in many applications. It was developed further in to what we now know as the modern Alnico magnets. He was successful in patenting his product around the world. Tokushichi later became a professor of the Tokyo Imperial University. By the time of his death in 1975, MKM steel and Alnico magnets where global and in everything from spacecraft to loudspeakers. After his death, his remains were buried in the Tama Cemetery in Tokyo.

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