The Anvil, An Essential Blacksmith Tool

A good cast steel Anvil is an indispensable tool in any blacksmith’s workshop. Also known as forging anvils or general shop anvils, these essentials range in weight from approximately 10kg to 200kg and beyond. Unlike farrier’s anvils, these are designed with more mass under the face, which enhances their functionality for heavy forging tasks. The anvils at Blacksmith Supplies are purpose-built for intense blacksmithing and come with all the standard features you’d expect.

Top-of-the-Line Cast Steel Anvils

Our cast steel anvils are the best investment you can make. They offer distinct advantages over forged anvils, including reduced noise when struck, minimizing the need for hearing protection. Additionally, their superior rebound and reduced brittleness ensure they will serve you well for a long time.

Price and Quality Considerations

While forged anvils can be more expensive, especially if you’re looking at second-hand options, our heat-treated cast steel anvils offer performance that’s virtually indistinguishable from their forged counterparts. Beware of so-called “Anvil Shaped Objects” (ASOs) imported from questionable sources. These inferior products are prone to chipping and breaking, wasting both time and money.

Shop with Confidence at Blacksmith Supplies

We invite you to explore our range of anvils in person. Speak with Alan, our resident anvil expert, to help find the perfect anvil for your needs. If you have questions or prefer a personal touch, don’t hesitate to call our knowledgeable and experienced staff or drop by our store. Take note: If you’re using GPS or online maps for directions, your device might lead you to Delta Street, but our actual entrance is off Robinson Road. If you encounter any issues, a quick call to us will set you on the right path. We’re open from 8.30 am until 4 pm, Monday through Friday, and Alan usually has the kettle ready for a friendly chat.