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The Anvil, An Essential Blacksmith Tool

A good cast steel Anvil is one of the most essential tools for a blacksmith. Forging anvils are also known as blacksmiths or general shop anvils. These range in weight from about 10kg to 200kg or more. They differ from farrier’s anvils in that there is more mass in the body directly under the face. However, they typically have less distributed in the horn and heel. Due to the prevalence of horse-drawn transportation in the early part of the 20th century most popular anvils were a combination of farrier’s and forging anvil. The Cast Steel Anvils that Sekao Engineering stock is designed for heavy forging. And have all the standard features of a blacksmiths anvil.

The best Cast Steel Anvils

Our cast steel Anvils are the very best cast steel anvils money can buy. Furthermore, they are much easier to work on then forged anvils. This is due to a much lower ring when struck. So, as far as hearing protection goes, its less of an issue. Cast Steel anvils are said to have a great bounce back and as they are much less brittle than the cast iron. They should last you a much longer length of time overall.

Comparatively, a cast iron steel anvil is not a forged iron anvil. And neither is the price. A quality second hand-forged Iron anvil will be double the price of a new cast steel anvil. However, the best heat-treated cast steel anvils are indistinguishable from the best forged. An ASO or “Anvil Shaped Object” are best avoided. These “anvils” are cheap junk largely being imported from China. They are soft, brittle and will chip or break under normal use. Use a reputable seller like Sekao Engineering to buy a cast steel anvil or ask us to source a good second-hand one for you.

Buy Your Anvil with Sekao

At Sekao Engineering, we welcome you to our store. Come in and the range of anvils we have available. Speak with Alan, our man in the know about your anvil needs. Just give our friendly well trained and experienced store staff a call or just drop in and see us at the store, you can find the location here. But please take note, if you use the GPS or online maps, your GPS might take you to Delta Street but our entrance is off Robinson Road, if you struggle, just give us a call and we will guide you in. Our trading hours are 8.30 am until 4 pm Monday – Friday. Alan normally has the kettle on for a brew.