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The Blacksmiths Beeswax

A lot of blacksmiths preference is to keep it traditional. Using bee’s wax is a traditional method of giving the finished piece a beautiful black sheen coat. It’s applied briefly at the end and then reheated either in the forge or with a propane torch. The heat melts the beeswax, coating the piece. This alone achieves a darker, “black” finish. The above method has been used for centuries. It’s simple and the results are great.

Beeswax is not a cheap commodity. Not for the bees, and certainly not for the harvester. Coincidentally, Bees will produce 1kg of bees wax for every 5kg of honey. Therefore it takes a bee colony a lot longer to recover from a wax harvest then it does from a honey harvest. Bee keepers also need to be careful, when harvesting. Moreover, removing all of the beeswax in one go, can dislodge the queen. Consequently, she could vacate the hive altogether.

Where to buy your Bee’s Wax?

Getting your beeswax from a reputable company like Sekao engineering. That is to say, they source the wax ethically and locally. This will go a long way to help the declining bee population.

Sekao Engineering has been in business a long time. Therefore, it knows a good product when it sees one. We have searched long and hard to find a good quality 100% Aussie beeswax that will bring the best out of your metal work. Trust us, we are engineers!

Where is Sekao?

Finally, you can find us here, in the shop. Monday-Friday 8.30am to 4pm if you want to pop down and collect your beeswax. Have a chat with Alan, pick up some magnets and shoot the breeze. Or you can buy securely online with our easy to use shop. Delivery on this item is calculated on checkout based on your postcode. What could be simpler?