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Weddings, Sculptures and cowboys

At Sekao engineering one of the things we sell in abundance, is second hand horse shoes. People buy them for all sorts of reasons. Wedding decorations, sculptures, art projects and even western themed parties. So even though the horse has finished with them and got a new set. They are well made and a great piece of metal. Here is 25 ideas you can use ‘used horse shoes’ for.

Of course buying a horse shoe doesn’t guarantee you good luck. Nope… the good luck you get is buying them for Sekao Engineering. You will already gotten your luck just by hitting our website and even more when you have bought and paid for the shoe. After that, it’s hard to say.

If you are creating a masterpiece from welding and need good quality horse shoes for your project. Then please do come and talk to us. Alan and staff can provide you with great customer service, a wonderful smile and of course your quality made horse shoes.

Dog Spikes

Used dog spikes or railway spikes are pretty handy bits to have around. I had this Labrador once that when we went camping use to run off sniff and pee up other peoples tents. So the dog spike came in handy when the people came around to complain. Just kidding… of course I used the dog spike to anchor the dog leash to the ground so he couldn’t run off. True story.

However, dog spikes can be used for all kinds of stuff. From, welding projects, crafty type things anchors, sculptures and art. So, whatever your need for a dog spike is. Come and get it from Sekao. Furthermore, we have friendly staff. Safe and secure purchasing facilities. Finally we can send your dog spikes or used horse shoes in any direction across Australia.