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The Blacksmith Blower

There comes a time in every blacksmith’s life when they need an ample air supply for their forge. They don’t just need air from any old blower. They need air with style. That’s exactly what you get from these wonderful vintage style blowers offered by Blacksmith Supplies Australia.

9kg Priti Blower

The Priti air blower comes complete with ground steel worm gear and a cast-iron gear mechanism for long-lasting use. Additionally, it features oil ports that offer easy maintenance access and cleaning. The blower is made of durable aluminum and has a 1 1/4” BSP outlet. Surprisingly, it weighs only 9kg, making it portable and convenient.

The Zomax 25 6kg Blower

The Blacksmith Forge Blower by Zomax 25 provides an ample air supply for your blacksmith forge, while also featuring that cherished vintage style. This blower has easy hand-crank operation with a 1:28 gear ratio, making it simple to handle and less tiring to operate. Like the Priti model, it also has a ground steel worm gear and a cast-iron gear mechanism, promising a long shelf life. Oil ports make for easy maintenance and cleaning. Its 50mm outlet is housed within an aluminum construction. Weighing only 6kg, this blower is easy to pick up and take home today!

Freight on the Blower and Where to Buy

The fantastic thing about Blacksmith Supplies Australia’s vintage-style forge blowers is that freight is calculated based on your Australian Post Code, making online purchases hassle-free. is a fully encrypted, safe, and secure website. Payments can be made via PayPal, ensuring safety when using your credit card. If you’d prefer to see our products up close and personal, you’re more than welcome to visit our shop and speak with Alan or one of our knowledgeable service staff.