Electromagnets are amazing innovations in magnets. And Sekao has a range for all your needs. If by some chance we don’t carry the electro-magnet you require, we’ll be happy to help source it for you.

Why use electromagnets?

An electromagnet is a magnet created by electricity. The electric current is what creates the magnetic field. So, you can control the magnetism with an on/off switch, unlike permanent magnets. This can be very useful in many applications when you only need a magnetic field for specific periods.

Since its invention by William Sturgeon in 1824, electromagnets have found their way into many different industries and uses. Motors, drones and quadcopters, generators, relays, audio speakers – anywhere these appear, there’s probably an electromagnet involved. Sekao Engineering understands the importance of having quality electromagnets to ensure your project is successful.

How electromagnets work

Electromagnets get their magnetism from the wire. The wire is wrapped around a coil. This coil has a magnetic material in the centre. It doesn’t have much pull, yet. But a current running through the coiled wire creates a magnetic field. Making the magnet much more powerful.

Besides being able to turn the magnetic field on and off, there are other advantages. Electromagnets, unlike permanent magnets, have magnetic fields that are controllable. You can increase and decrease the magnetic field. You do this by controlling the amount of electric current passing through it. The downside is that, unlike a permanent magnet that needs no power, an electromagnet requires electricity. Without current, you can’t maintain the magnetic field.

Sekao supplies the finest electromagnets

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