Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite Magnets are the most popular magnets for both commercial and private use. Thanks to their abundance, versatility and affordability. Moreover, ferrite magnets are the most resistive magnets to corrosion. Therefore, ferrite magnets are a great solution for those looking for an affordable, effective and strong magnet solution.

As well as this, they are also highly resistant to demagnetization. Which as a result, makes them a very stable magnet. Additionally, they are used for industrial applications such as medical devices. Furthermore, domestically they are to be found in such things as fridge magnets, loudspeakers and microwaves

What are Ferrite Magnets?

Also known as ceramic magnets, came along in the 1930’s in Japan. First used and designed by two Japanese engineers. Namely Yogoro Kato and Takeshi Takei of the Tokyo Institute of Technology. They synthesized a type of ceramic compound composed of iron(III) and oxide (Fe2O3). Further, combining it chemically with other additional metallic elements.

With regards to this, Ferrite magnets normally comes in two forms. Which are described in terms of their magnetic properties. The different ferrites are referred to as “soft” or “hard”. Which is to say, it refers to the low or high magnetic coercivity. Similarly, with Ferrites that contain nickel, zinc, or manganese compounds. These will normally have a low coercivity and are then called ‘soft’ ferrites.

Moreover, the low coercivity means the material’s magnetization can easily reverse direction without losing very much energy. As for the High coercivity or ‘Hard’ Ferrites. These often contain Iron oxide and barium or strontium carbonate. The high coercivity means the materials are extremely resistant to becoming demagnetized. Which is an essential characteristic for a permanent magnet.

Shopping for Ferrite Magnets

They are available in blocks, discs, rings, rods and pots in a variety of sizes. Speak to us to find your perfect magnet variety today. Consequently, as they are cheap, affordable and abundant we stock a wide range of ferrite magnets.

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