Flexible Magnet Strips

Sekao Engineering’s Flexible magnets are available in strips and custom cut to 20mm x 40mm 20 per strip. They can be adhered to DL or business cards. And of course, easily adhered to other items. With them in this format it makes it very easy to count when you are applying them.

Buying Online with Sekao

Without question, should you be looking to by flexible magnets in Brisbane or anywhere in Australia. Therefore, look no further than magnetics.net.au. With a great online buying process that is quick, easy and efficient at getting your items to you quickly. It’s safe and secure and we take great care of your personal details. Furthermore, we never pass your details to a third party. You pay via PayPal, the leading payment gateway in the world.

With this in mind, buying your Flexible Magnets in bulk with Magnetics.net.au is the best way to shop for magnets. We offer some amazing discounts here. Due to the weight of these magnets, 17kg per 10,000, you may need to call for a freight price. This is the place to buy!