Neodymium Magnets (Rare Earth Magnets) stock a range of Neodymium Rare Earth magnets (also known as NdFeB, NIB or Neo magnets). As a matter of fact, they are a popular variety of rare earth magnet. We have a range of sizes, shapes, grades and designs. All available to buy online. Alternatively, in store or by telephone order from Sekao Engineering.

These permanent magnets. Which, are renowned for their powerful magnetic field. Are, among the strongest magnets on Earth. In fact, neodymium magnets are highly resistant to demagnetization. Making them ideal for industrial usage. In the same way, they are used in a myriad of industries. From medical devices to power tools. Household items from DVD’s HDD’s and microwaves to toys, magnetic holddowns, jewelry clasps and fridge magnets.

Neodymium’s Industrial Application

Neodymium Rare Earth magnets, and other rare earth magnets (Such as Samarium Cobalt, also available at Are used in many industrial applications such as metal separation, mechanical/automotive applications. And, of course for holding purposes.

Concerning this, browse our wide range of magnets. That, we have available in the online shop or store. Available, in blocks, discs, rings, rods and pots in a variety of sizes. To find your perfect magnet variety today. On the whole, these Rare Eart Magnets are affordable and abundant. Which, is why we stock a range of Neodymium Rare Earth magnets. Of all different Grades, shapes and sizes.

Neodymium Rare Earth magnets are graded by the maximum strength they can be magnetized to. The higher the number the stronger the magnet is such as N35, N40, N42, N45, N48, N50, N52, for example. However, the higher the number the more brittle the magnet becomes.

The One Stop Shop

Sekao Engineering is a one stop shop for Neodymium magnets and blacksmith supplies. Furthermore, we are sure to have a Neodymium magnet to suit your needs. So no matter the size of magnet you are looking for. If we don’t have it on the website. Call us! Alternatively, drop by our store to speak to one of our friendly, experienced expert staff. Who will be willing to help you out in getting the right size you need. We can always order the size you need if we don’t have it in stock. From one of our many top suppliers.

To be brief, if you are looking to buy Neodymium magnets. Additionally, it’s always going to be better to buying in bulk of 10 or more magnets. Sekao Engineering and offer a discount policy. The perfect way to save money is by buying more.

The perfect place to buy Neodymium Magnets

Finally, buy online right now with confidence that your information is safe and secure. Done through PayPal, get everything delivered directly to your door. Call us now or visit us in store. Directions are here. We are located in Geebung, Queensland. Just a stones throw away from Brisbane. Alternatively, Just pop in the store when you are passing and have a chat about your Neodymium Magnet or Blacksmith needs, we are always ready to help. We are open Mon – Fri 8.30am until 4pm.