Shopping for Neodymium Pot Thread Magnets Brisbane

Buying Neodymium Pot thread Magnets Brisbane with Sekao is an easy process. So easy in fact, the checkout was designed with space travelling chimps in mind. Not True! But, what is true is that we go out of our way to try and give you the best online shopping experience we can. Just choose the type of magnet you want, the shape, size and then click buy. You will be checking out in minuets, with discount and delivery all tucked in, nice and neat.

Customer service is very important to Alan, the owner at Sekao. He will make sure that you get the best products and the best service. His highly skilled and knowledgeable team can help you, quickly and efficiently should you call or drop by. You can view and inspect the Pot Magnets for yourself, before you buy. So you can be the judge, with your own eyes, the quality of our stock.

May the Magnetic force be with you

Neodymium pot thread magnets are mainly used for mounting and fixing large heavy items to walls. They are often used in shopfitting as they can grip heavy loads. Made of a magnet core that is integrated in a round steel pot. This is so that the magnetic force is higher on the side that attaches. They can be easily mounted for a secure attachment and to lift or grasp. This why they are often called fastening magnets.

As always Sekao Engineering and support you with our flat rate delivery fee, of just $11.00 for delivery, no matter how many magnets you purchase or where you are in Australia. And with no minimum order, you know you are getting a great deal. Also, as with all of our magnets on, if you are buying in bulk of 10 or more magnets, you will give you the Sekao discount. The more you buy the bigger the discount!