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Samarium Cobalt Rod has Samarium Cobalt Rod magnets in an extensive range of sizes. Incidentally, should you be unable to find what you need in our current range. We are able to source any other size for you. SmCo rod magnets have an extraordinary temperature stability. Much more than the other types of magnets. Furthermore, they are mostly used in the industries that use such high temperatures, such as tooling or oil field applications, where a high temperature is present. The Samarium Cobalt rod magnet is also used in guitar pickups, just in case you didn’t know.

The SmCo concept, Dr. Ray and Dr. Strnat

The SmCo concept was first developed in the 1960s. A civilian researcher at the Wright-Patterson AFB Materials Laboratory, Dr. Strnat. Initially, he was attempting to better understand the origins of magnetic properties. Together with, a Dayton University employee, Dr. Ray. Who at this time was serving as the metallurgical consultant to Dr. Strnat’s group.

It was these two scientists and engineers that were first to realize that the entire rare earth element family presented an opportunity for developing powerful new magnetic compounds. They started trying many possible compounds. However, It wasn’t until in 1965, that they discovered very favorable magnetic properties in yttrium-cobalt. Meanwhile, by 1966, SmCo5 Samarium-cobalt was discovered. Which, had an energy product that turned out to be much higher than any previous permanent magnets. This discovery of the class of magnets known as rare earth permanent magnets prompted a rejuvenation into research of new magnet materials.

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